Air Cargo

Air Cargo is a product of speed, safe and trusts.

We are not only offering you good rates, but also effective and timely delivery on high safety and efficiency standards. From consolidation to door-to-door delivery, Cargo Delivery can offer tailor made solutions that suits to your needs.

Air cargo business is undertaken under IATA standards and conditions of transport.

Airport-to-Airport and Door–to-Door products for import & export:

NFO – Next Flight Out 
Urgent Goods (Automotive)
We use the first available airline’s flight with the fastest connections to final destination

Consol Flight
General Cargo (Textiles, Furniture, Plastics, metal Components, Machines, etc)
Transit time from 48 hours up to 72 hours on airport to airport via airline hubs

Charter Flight
This is the perfect solution that we recommend you for urgent heavy and bulky cargo Express Cargo Deliveries
Door-to-Door service by air in over 220 countries for international deliveries of documents and parcels

OBC – On Board Courier
We use the safest and fastest solution for urgent and small shipments, while we monitor your shipments during the air transport

RFS for Air Cargo ex Romania 
Intermodal Transportation Services – We’re trucking your cargo to first available airline’s hubs located in Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Vienna

Temperature control 
We plan a smooth air transportation flow by using active and passive packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, fresh fruits, frozen fish, flowers and vegetables.

Dangerous Goods Handling 
We are trained and licensed to ensure that handling and loading of chemical products in accordance with IATA DGR Regulations.

According to your requests we can also handle:

Valuable Goods (Jewellery, Banknotes, Antiques, etc.)

Medical Equipment (Drugs, Vaccines, Test Samples, etc.)

Fragile Goods (Electronics, Glass/Crystal Goods, Cars, etc.)

Funeral Transportation

Do you need expertise in handling air cargo shipments? Our air cargo division will find a solution tailored to your needs. For further information, please email us to