Road Cargo

Road Cargo is an indispensable factor in today’s logistics supply chain.

Based on our European partnership infrastructure, Cargo Delivery can offer you customized door-to-door logistic solutions.

Road transportation usually is structured around three main segments, based on load type and weight. 

Door–to-Door products for national and international transports:

Full-Truck Load (FTL)

We have the ability to offer you back-to-back solutions while you are only paying for one-way transportation mode.

Regardless of the location and destination of your cargo, our trucking team provides you same trucks, but different business solutions.

Less-than-Truck Load (LTL) – Coverage across the Europe and to/from Romania

We can serve several customers ones and maximize each load by planning the specific routes and develop strong customer portfolios


We offer standardized groupage transports as well as distribution, procurement and contract logistics in Romania and across Europe.

The European hub-and-spoke network of our partners provides tailor-made logistic solutions for industries like automotive, e-commerce and consumer goods.

Do you need expertise in handling road cargo shipments? Our road cargo division will find a solution tailored to your needs. For further information, please email us to