Our Company


Delivering your Business !

Defines our solution-based mindset that we want to be your all-inclusive broker for logistics activities and move your business forward. We believe that if the customers are happy they come back and settle long-term partnerships. And that makes us happy!


From “pure” freight forwarders to integrators

We are committed to provide a challenging environment and opportunities to learn and growth. Creativity and innovation are promoted for improving the business efficiency. By improving our efficiency we expand the business day by day for delivering more to our customers. Cargo Delivery believes you need this!


Our logo

In airline industry the services offered are premium compared with all other transport industries, being highly regulated and according to IATA (International Air Transport Association) the air cargo transport represents approximately 35% of world trade by value. Therefore we have chosen the airplane as symbol of our logo that expresses dedication at work, premium services offered and good care of our customers.


We deliver integrity and show respect to our customers, suppliers and worldwide partners.